Two Famous Fighters on Traveling as a Couple

Mike and Luci on their Bosnia Croatia Trip

This guest post was written by Mike and Luci, a witty blogging couple famous for their fights around the world.

Best lessons for traveling as a couple.

We are such huge fans of the “Unframed World.” So when Andrew asked us to do a guest post we jumped at the chance. Andrew’s eye for photography is so remarkable. We have never been to Japan, but having shared his viewfinder, you really get a rare glimpse of the country. Enough about him, this is supposed to be about us.

Traveling is a microcosm for life together.

We (Mike and Luci) run a blog called, 1000 Places to Fight Before You Die. The title of our blog sums us up. We love to fight. We also love to travel. So naturally we decided to combine the two and share the outcome with the world. We are two “type A” personalities and make reality TV look tame. We started fighting in 1st grade and haven’t stopped. Each year we take turns picking the location of our “Big” trip together. Collectively we have been to 30 countries on 5 continents. We have two kids, but we still take a couple trip every year to rekindle and reconnect.

What advice would you give to couples traveling together?

Mike and Luci on their Bosnia Croatia Trip 2From Luci– I have two pieces of advice: First, read everything you can about where you are visiting. Don’t just read travel books. Read history books. Read novels set in the country. Get to know as much as you can before you go. Second, don’t be afraid to talk to people. I get tired of just talking to Michael so I start making friends on trains, in lounges, on boats. People are friendly when you are friendly. You’ll learn more by talking to others than to your spouse!

From Mike– My advice is simple. Go. If you lack the financial ability to go international, explore your city, your state or your own country. Discovery is so refreshing. It’s ok to fight. It‘s really ok. Fighting is a clash of ideas and opinions; the fact that you both feel strongly is to be celebrated. I don’t know how many times one of us has said, “I want to go see this.” The immediate response from the other is “why?” A discussion of why a given topic is important ensues. You learn so much from this exercise. You learn about your spouse’s likes and dislikes. You learn about their passions. Traveling is a microcosm for life together. You must budget, agree on directions (thank goodness for GPS!) set priorities and work together. Recognize and enjoy those aspects as you travel. The best part of fighting is it gives you an excuse to make up (we wont offer any advice on that topic; we will leave it to you!)

We have been blogging for just over a year now. To us what has been most meaningful is the people that we have met along the way. Ordinary people visiting extra ordinary places. So get out and travel with your significant other! (And visit our site.)

To read about all their great adventures and great fights as a traveling couple, check out Mike and Luci’s blog.

Mike and Luci at Machu Picchu

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2 Responses to Two Famous Fighters on Traveling as a Couple

  1. Kris June 30, 2011 at 11:35 pm #

    This is a great post. I liked Mike’s point about exploring where you live. We’re always so eager to get out of town, yet we live in the heart of New York City. This summer we’re making a point to do some type of local excursion almost weekly. So far its been terrific, and of course, we’re hardly spending any money…

    • Andrew July 1, 2011 at 11:16 am #

      Excellent example. I do the same thing here in Japan. Although Japan seems like it might be one big massive non-stop travel-a-thon, actually it can get really routine when you live here (just like anywhere else). I forget that even if I just take a 15 minute walk it will yield results that I could never see anywhere else in the world like the neighborhood shinto shrine or 100 yen store.
      NYC huh!? I’ve been several times. What’s you’re favorite area of the city? I personally like Chelsea for all the art and that it’s on the water.

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