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The Good Stuff

Over the years I’ve noticed my lens tends to drift toward landscapes, buildings, and travel related elements. I’ve decided to embrace this theme and make it the primary angle of my photography. Without excuse, this is the best I’ve got so far. Critiques and feedback are invited.

Honorable Mentions

Although I primarily focus on scenic locations (I’ll take 2pts for the corny photo pun!), if the subject is right, I’ll still snap a frame. Below are my personal favorites of my “just for fun” shots.” (however, even the “serious” shots above were taken for enjoyment… so I suppose the shots below are of my “just for really fun” shots.)


Oh the Humanity

I shoot people (and animals apparently)… often in the face.


Although I’ve seen a few episodes of DBZ (…all of them…), I never would have thought I would have a cosplay portfolio. After attending several anime conventions to speak about my time in Japan, I have to admit that I love photographing these die-hard fans and their ridiculously awesome detailed costumes.