How to Get Yourself to Japan

How to Get Yourself to Japan - Vacations to Visas - eBook by Andrew MarstonNo more “someday”.

For your own sake, it’s time we really dig into this. There are sweet tourist destinations and job in Japan just waiting for you and it genuinely bothers me that you might be missing it. After reading this eBook you’ll see that only excuses stand between you and Japanese soil (well, probably the Pacific ocean too).

I wrote this eBook for you, my awesomely supportive, surprisingly attentive, and generally Japan-crazed online tribe. It’s everything I know about anything regarding Japan. How to move to Japan, how to travel to Japan, how to learn Japanese, etc…

Instead of trying to tell you about what’s inside, I’ve made the cover, table of contents and first chapter available to you all for F-R-E-E (that spells “you’re welcome”). After you realize the quality of content I’ve slaved to provide, you’ll also realize that I’m selling this eBook for less than it’s contents are worth.

It doesn’t end there, after reading HtGYtJ you still have more questions or need, I’ve set up The HtGYtJ Resource Depot where you can get in touch with me directly with your questions and learn from what others have asked.

The bottom line: You don’t need this book to get to Japan, but if plan getting there somehow, I’ve worked hard to make this the one-stop, well-organized resource for you. It’s all the info I wish someone had told me before coming to Japan.

Help me, help you.

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110% Guarantee

110% Guarantee!Firstly, I predict that you’re going to like the content in the eBook.

I’m certain enough to offer you a 110% money back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied.

Yep, you can have all your money back plus some extra so there’s no hard feelings. Just send me a quick e-mail via the contact page saying, “Hello Andrew, I was dissastified with your book because ___. Please send me a refund. No hard feelings, I know you tried.”

Refund is issued. No big deal. We can still be friends.