Andrew Palm Jump in Indonesia

Jump shot poses… not one of my stronger skills.

Hello Internet! Welcome to The Unframed World. The mission of this site is three-fold:

  1. Help you create better photos
  2. Share my photo & video projects
  3. Encourage you to challenge yourself

About Andrew Marston: I’m a professional photographer and graphic designer. In a job interview I once described myself in these three words: creative, friendly, and focused. Born and raised in scenic coastal Maine, I also spent several years in southern Japan (英語でも日本語でもコメントをどうぞね). Now I live in beautiful (but waaaay to warm) Singapore. If you’re really dying for more, there’s a nearly exhaustive profile on the Japan by Bicycle page.

Feeding Deer 2

She never loses at Mario Kart 64

About Lori: Hi! I’m Lori, Andrew’s wife, travel partner, and photography assistant (and by “assistant” I mean cheerleader ^_^). You’ll likely see me show-up in a few of the articles on this site. My interests include cooking (and eating!), chemistry, botany, exploring, and making friends with furry animals. For work, I’m a middle school science teacher.

Why did the white bear dissolve in water?… Because it was polar. ^_^